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Hi there. My name is Damien Garwood, and you have reached the centre stage of my life right here.
So, this is my home. Not a physical home you understand, just a silly little website where I post silly little things about what I do, when, where, why and how I do it, who I do it with, if anybody, and quite simply, how I live my sad lonely little life.
I have gone by many names. My first name has always been Damien, however my surname has changed from year to year. I have been known as Sykes, Pendleton, Sadler, Lindley, and now I am known as Garwood. Although officially, my surname is actually Blunderfield-Garwood.

Many people associate name change with crime. Nah. That ain't me. My name changes are thanks to the innumerable parents and wannabee parents in my life.
Hopefully this will be the last change. My Mum's family are Garwoods and so I feel like I've taken my name right back home.

Well, I can hear you all yawning at the back there, so I think it's time to stop my waffling, rambling, chit chat chatterbox mouth, or shall we say fingers, from doing any more talking on here. After all, the home page is supposed to look appealing and interesting isn't it? And I don't think I'm fulfilling that requirement too well. Just look at this as the entrance and reception area, where I'm the only receptionist, and I talk too much for my own good.
Anyways. Just look at the top, show me where ya wanna go, and I'll show you round my world.

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